Although he is a major character in the story, you only get glimpses of him in the first book, but as the story unfolds, he will be the main protagonist and hero to follow. He begins the story as a subject of experiments in ‘Skull Prison’ having no idea why he is there in the first place. He came from a small mining colony on one of the the local moons orbiting the main planet Cannondor. In his late 20’s he earned his pass to come down to the surface of Cannondor and find a new home in one of the major city’s. He never made it to his new home on the surface however. The moment he stepped off the transport he was detained and thrown into prison for unknown reasons.


He’s is a mighty elemental artificer with a huge ego and an annoyingly large vocabulary. Just don’t call him a wizard or he’ll go on a rant. Bob learned to use what some call magic at a very young age, from his mentor, the man who also raised him. To him the mystical so called ‘magic’ forces are just a part of all life and no different from any other science. His confidence in his powers and genius in the sciences cause him to often act a bit megalomaniacal, but his heart is good and he tends to balance out Sheala the leader of the bounty hunter group he travels with.


The leader of the group of bounty hunters called the Dragoons, a term Sheala stole from the human’s historical records. She is strong willed, aggressive and often confrontational. Sheala was cast out along with her family when she was just a young child, and never forgave her people, the Naidea, natives to Cannondor. Sheala began her bounty hunting career at the age of 34, still very young for a Naidean, who can live up to 300 years. She quickly established a name for herself; she was ruthless and often seemed unforgiving. Yet, as time went on, she began to show some of her parents softhearted demeanor, at least in small ways; at select times she chooses not to kill or capture a marked bounty as requested but instead makes them part of her crew or lets them disappear. This kind of action from her is still very rare, however, and she is very intent on keeping the reputation as being a ruthless killer and bounty hunter in most eyes.


She’s a sweet heart most of the time, and many make the mistake of thinking she is weak and naive. As far as physical strength goes however, she’s got a serious edge being a werewolf, or more accurately a werefox. After loosing her family as a child, she grew up an orphan and outcast as no one wanted anything to do with a young shape shiftier. She grew into her mid 20’s living on the run, until one of the towns she visited put a bounty on her head. The bounty hunters that went after her took pity on her at the last minute and she ended up joining them. Although she has lived a rough life, she always does her best to show kindness to others when she can and is usually the last to turn to violence, which is a character trait that is at odds with her profession as a bounty hunter.


He’s quiet, he’s mysterious and often he can be terrifying. Grim was the first to join Sheala as a bounty hunter when she was sent to kill or capture him shortly after becoming a bounty hunter herself. He nearly killed her, but instead offered to join her as a means to keep a low profile and continue his own search for ‘the enemy’s of humanity’; though when asked, he refuses to explain what that means. Together they decided to call there group the Dragoons. He hides his nature as a vampire from most, and his extreme age allows him to ignore many of the weaknesses of other vampires, so he is rarely discovered. Where most vampires are vicious and blood thirsty, Grim has compassion and concern for all life and at times will refuse to kill if he feels it is wrong to do so. At the same time, he is ancient beyond the understating of normal humans, and often seems callus.

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